Largest range of solar storage batteries in Sydney

Customised Systems Deliver Maximum Savings with Solar Power

Make sure your solar system is custom designed for your electrical requirements and budget. Then ensure that it can ‘communicate’ at your command with your electrical appliances, particularly those that draw a lot of power.  Through the personal touch and technology we are experts in, our customers achieve maximum savings with solar power.

These systems are typically called ‘smart’ solar systems. They cost a bit more up-front but you reap the rewards over and over again in reduced electricity bills.

Smart Solar Power Systems for Maximum Savings

Solarpro can design a system that turns an ordinary electric hot water tank into a solar powered one; heats a room or under the floor; powers your EV and your pool heat pump.  This means you are powering as much as possible free from the sun with the energy you produce.

Long gone are the days of 60 cents or even 20 cents/kilowatt being paid for excess solar power that goes to the grid. Now, even with you a solar battery and being part of a VPP the way to increase savings is to maximise the use of your solar power.

Northern Beaches Solar Panel & Battery Showroom

We have the largest range of solar panels, solar inverters and solar storage batteries in Sydney on display in our Allambie Heights Showroom.

By carrying a wide range of products we are able to ensure our customer’s get the best solar power and battery system for their energy needs and budget.

For us, it is all about customer choice and making sure that we design a system from the solar inverter to the solar panel array that will deliver the highest energy savings.

You would be amazed at the energy and money you save over the long-term with a custom designed system that uses the solar products most appropriate for your energy needs.

Our solar specialists would be delighted to design a solar power and battery storage system specifically for your energy needs and budget. Even if you have the simplest roof and basic energy requirements you can benefit from a customised solar system.

All our solar specialist have years of experience in solar system design and are technically savvy.  We insure the labour of all our installers under our 10 year Whole of PV System warranty. Call Now.

Brands available include SolarEdge, Enphase, QCELLS, Sunpower, REC, Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge Home Battery, Sonnen and LG Prime.

We are the longest operating residential solar company on the Northern Beaches; the preferred supplier of solar power and battery systems to Willoughby City Council under their ‘bulk-buy’ scheme and the preferred supplier of the environmental group Zero Emissions North.