Maximum Solar Power Generation

The inverter is the part of a solar system which converts DC power from the sun into the AC power we use in our homes.  Micro inverters are placed under each solar panel in your roof top solar array, rather than having one inverter in your home or garage.

Micro inverters enable each solar panel to produce its maximum power output even if other solar panels in the array are not producing at full power because they are obstructed or shaded.  This is in contrast to traditional string inverters where the total system output is limited by the lowest producing panel.  Optimised inverters also make panels operate independently using optimisers which are embedded in the solar panel or attached to it and then connected to a single inverter.

Enphase micro inverters installed by Solarpro Northern Beaches

Design Flexibility & Warranty

Micro inverters are compatible with all the solar panels in Solarpro’s extensive range and can provide extra design flexibility. For example, they are particularly useful if you have multiple roof aspects and the best design is to have a small number of panels on one and a larger amount on another.

Enphase was founded in California in 2006.  Since then, over 39 million microinverters have been installed on more than 1.7 million homes in 130 countries.  The micro inverters have a 10 year warranty.

Independent Panel Monitoring & Control

The Enphase Energy System is controlled by an app from the palm of your hand.  You can monitor your system status wherever you are.  You can see exactly how much power your solar system is producing.  Reports on energy production can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

The intelligent software is regularly updated.  You can choose what essential appliances you want to stay on during a black-out or let the software decide for you.



The SolarEdge optimised solar system revolutionised the solar power industry. It delivers up to 25% more power than string systems, has unique safety features and technology to maximise the use of your own power. It is the most sophisticated solar management solution on the Australian market.



Sungrow is a top quality traditional string inverter. It is a reliable and less expensive option than optimised or micro inverters for customers who don't have special requirements and want a basic system.