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Solarpro Northern Beaches designs and installs solar systems that maximise the amount of power used and savings achieved.  To ensure our customers never have to worry about problems with their SolarEdge system, we monitor it for them daily for life – provided their system is turned on and has Wifi. Years of experience with ‘Smart’ Solar Power systems and our large product range put us in a unique position to maximise the benefits from solar energy.

Free Daily System Monitoring Service

Most of our customers choose a SolarEdge optimised system. Included in the system package is our daily monitoring service with remote technical support. Our monitoring service is designed to alert us to any issues, provided the system is turned on and connected to Wifi. This free service can save you hundreds of dollars in lost energy. If a system is not monitored it is common to only find out there is an issue by the size of your next power bill, by then it is too late. This gives our customers total peace of mind.

The quality of our products and services has been recognised and endorsed over the years through partnerships with local governments, community groups and businesses.  They all say the main thing that differentiated Solarpro from other companies was our approach to customer care. We take this very seriously and work hard to maintain this reputation.

SolarEdge individual solar panel monitoring


We work with leading national and international manufacturers to provide the latest solar technology. Solarpro has a large and diverse range of products including smart solar power and battery systems, solar pool heating, solar hot water, solar room heating, building integrated solar, and solar EV chargers.

We often combine these products to create technically sophisticated solutions that go beyond standard solar systems. We are careful to select robust companies. Solarpro has seen many manufacturers of energy products come into Australia with a marketing fanfare, only to pack up a few years later when business slowed down. This has left some people stuck with worthless warranties and an ‘’orphaned” product on their premises. Around 380 solar panel manufacturers have left Australia since 2010, despite initially offering long warranties. We only use high quality and proven products from manufacturers that have a strong balance sheet and will be around to honour their long product warranties. This quality first approach sometimes means a higher initial investment in products and components to get a safer, better backed solar system and a stronger long-term financial return. For example, our solar panel range includes the trail blazing REC Alpha Pure lead-free solar panel, the World leading SolarEdge optimised inverter which enables individual panel monitoring, and top of the line solar storage batteries including Tesla Powerwall, & the SolarEdge Home Battery.



A big thank you to all our customers for choosing Solarpro and the referrals you give us.  We are grateful that so many of our new installations come from word of mouth.

When you purchase a solar system from Solarpro it is just the start of our relationship with you. We offer long-term after sales service and support. Every element of our operation is designed with the customer and their future low electricity bill as the main focus. We are committed to providing a service to you that stands out from the crowd.  Whether it’s additional products such as a solar  (EV) charger, advice on usage, ‘tweaking’ the system, battery optimisation or joining a Virtual Power Plant – we’re with you.

Our daily system monitoring service is designed to alert us to any issues. This free service can save you hundreds of dollars in lost energy. If a system is not monitored it is common to only find out there is an issue by the size of your next power bill, by then it is too late.

We have developed expertise in Smart Solar Power systems because they bring the biggest financial benefits to our customers. We want all our customers to get free electricity and be paid for the power they produce.  This can only be achieved with solar storage.  We have smart solar storage options including a range of batteries at different prices, free battery optimisation services to achieve the highest ROI and the opportunity to join a Virtual Power Plant. We also offer no deposit green loans.

We have a diverse customer base spanning the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Northern Sydney, Western and Eastern Suburbs.  There is a good chance you have an existing Solarpro customer in your area.

Northern Beaches Customer Service from Solarpro

“We believe in long-term relationships, exceptional service standards, and competetive pricing.”


When you enquire about a solar system from Solarpro you will be offered a home visit by one of our solar specialists or a hi-tech online discussion like a virtual home visit.  We use 3D imaging and other sophisticated tools to show you the impact of shade and the importance of managing it. We study your past consumption patterns from electricity bills and large energy loads such as hot water, heating and cooling and whether you have a pool. We look at your roof aspects and how much you want to spend then we custom design the system to give you the best value for money and return on investment.  Solarpro has a large range of solar products and solutions.  We offer Standard, Premium and Premium Plus options. So you can decide what suits you best. No deposit green loans are available and very popular because the system is paid off by savings on your electricity bill. This often enables customers to either upgrade the solar power system or add a solar battery.

Why not book an appointment to visit our Solar Power and Battery Storage Showroom in Allambie Heights. You can view solar panels, inverters and Sydney’s largest range of solar storage batteries including Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge Home Battery and Sonnen Batteries.


The installation process of many of our renewable energy products be it pool heating, solar hot water or solar panels involves working at heights, carrying products across roofs, often two or more storeys high. Then there is the transport of solar batteries, which can weigh 100kg or more. Given these realities, we take the health and safety of our employees and customers very seriously.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Practices comply with the NSW OH & S Act. Safety is a priority, for example our installers wear harnesses when working at heights and we seek continuous improvements of our practices. All employees and contractors must meet our safety standards and we seek out products with the latest safety features.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Practices comply with the NSW OH & S Act

Safety is a key priority, for example our installation staff will wear harnesses when working at heights and we seek continuous improvements of our practices

All employees and contractors meet our stringent safety standards

We search out products with the latest safety features.


Established, trusted local company servicing the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs

Vetted and endorsed as a preferred supplier by independent community and environmental groups

24hr SolarEdge system monitoring to reduce the risk of undetected & costly issues

Experts on Smart Solar, giving customers maximum solar power and consumption

One stop solar shop, with large, diverse range of solar products for customer needs

CEC New Energy Tech Approved Seller with accredited installers and 10yr whole of system warranty

High performance, long warranty panels like REC (cutting edge technology).

World leading SolarEdge optimised inverter and quality solar batteries such as Tesla

Top quality fixtures, important to the installation but sometimes scrimped on

Solar Battery optimisation for improved ROI and options to join a VPP



Alex was very helpful in advising the most suitable solar options that I needed as opposed to what I wanted which was not as effective. I really appreciated the time taken to educate me on the best way to optimise my existing electrical system and explaining how other options might not serve as a good ROI. There is a lot more clarity on how to move forward with my solar options.
Normanhurst, 2076 September 2023
Quality team and product, very impressed with the standard, highly recommended.
Seaforth 2092 August 2023