Every time we go to Warringah Mall, call in at Hardware & General or have a coffee in Brookvale, we are amazed by how few businesses have solar.  The financial incentives and rewards are large including no capital expenditure and free electricity. For us it feels glaringly obvious that businesses which use electricity all day would benefit the most from solar power.

Then we remember that as a relatively small business ourselves we struggle to find time to work on the business, because we’re too busy working in the business.  The difference is we are in renewable energy and know first-hand how much money solar saves.  Our business premises and homes run on solar power.

We have been looking for ways to make it easy for you and use as little of your time as possible, whether you choose Solarpro as your installer or not.  We have come up with some example ‘solar for business packages’ based on the installations we have done in the area.  Then we became aware of what ‘The Solar Alliance’ is hoping to achieve in Brookvale.

This is a group of volunteers from Clean Energy Eternity and one of our solar partners – Zero Emissions Sydney North. They are hoping to turn Brookvale into a Powerhouse, Renewable Energy Zone by providing independent advice and assistance to any interested Brookvale business.  So now, if you want solar power it requires no money and no time – a no brainer?!

Solarpro installs solar in Brookvale
33kW solar power system at Newport Marina - Solarpro
Solarpro installs on iconic Roseville Cinema


Whether you choose a No Deposit Finance option or initially pay from the business, the cost is currently a 100% immediate asset write off for tax purposes courtesy of the Federal Government.

The Government also offers financial incentives to purchase commercial solar systems.  One is the STC scheme which means for every kW of solar power installed, Federal Government support in the range of $400 to $450 (September 2021) will be available.

The No Deposit Finance options that are available, mean you don’t have to use your own capital.  These are very popular. You can potentially achieve a positive cash flow on the solar power system from day one.

Even if there were no tax write offs or other financial incentives, solar power would still be a lucrative investment for a business.  Investment returns come in at between 15 to 20%.  A lot higher than most other investment options.

Solarpro installation Plonk Cafe


One of the most popular solar power system sizes for business is 39kW which is the maximum allowed without requiring ‘grid protection’.  Of course, the size depends on available roof space, your current electricity consumption and the amount you want to spend.

Solarpro’s expertise is in Smart Solar Power systems, custom designed to ensure your business is set-up to achieve the maximum electricity savings. We specialise in small and medium sized local businesses.

You will see Solarpro installations throughout Northern Sydney.  From Lane Cove Council’s Library to Newport Marina, Cafes in Middle Harbour and Brookvale, panel beaters, engineering companies, caravan parks, childcare centres, cinemas, car dealerships….. The local list is endless.  We are confident we can find a business that is similar to yours as an example of the savings you can achieve.


We make sure the solar power system we propose is designed using the latest consumption pattern of your business. We will make this as quick an easy for you as possible. By analysing your past electricity bills, and assessing your roof space we can determine the correct system-size and go through tax write offs, other government incentives and No Deposit Finance options.

After installation, even the best quality commercial solar power system can face a power outage, this could be because of a nearby lightning strike or perhaps an issue with a panel or cables.  Monitoring is very important.

If we install a SolarEdge solar power system for you, a daily monitoring service is included.  This ensures we know about a problem and can take measures to resolve it, rather than you finding out there is an issue only when your electricity bill arrives.

Solarpro seeks to build trust and an ongoing relationship with all our commercial solar customers. We do this by being as responsive as possible, both during installation and later, for any service and maintenance work.

As commercial solar systems have the potential to create high financial returns for decades the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of these power generation systems is very important.

We are fortunate that much of our business comes from customer referals and we receive positive reviews and testimonials both for residential and commercial installations as well as after sales care.


When you compare solar power systems, you will notice that some are substantially less expensive than others. When there is a large price difference between  products performing the same function, there is a reason and it comes down to quality.  Businesses usually want to install a long-lasting solar system.

Solarpro gives you the option to ‘do it once and do it well’ with your commercial solar power system.  We use high quality panels, and inverters and top quality installers who are all CEC accredited; ensuring our customers are satisfied for many years to come.

In a commercial system, it can be even more important than for a home to choose high quality panels and inverters for long-term reliability and peace of mind.

If cheap panels or lower quality inverters fail, if panel manufacturers go out of business or the installation has not been done well, the commercial solar system owner loses out on the expected savings and needs to spend time chasing repairs and claims. We prefer to install a top-of-the-line system once, and then see you enjoy the savings.


The Solarpro Guarantee

Our extensive experience in managing the energy footprint of your business from hot water to electricity consumption and even EV car charging means after we audit your business energy use, we will give you a solution that will save you money for a long time.

Additional Information for prospective Business Customers

Is solar viable for my business?

The answer is usually yes.  Solar is a viable option for most businesses particularly with the solar power systems Solarpro installs because these can manage a certain amount of shade and we will guide you through the process to make it as simple as possible.  These are the kind of questions that will come up:

Do you have a roof space that gets at least some sun exposure for most of the year?

Do you own the building or is your landlord interested in getting solar for you?

How long are you likely to occupy the building?  Obviously, this will have an impact on your direct benefit from the solar panel array.  However, an installed solar power system giving free electricity is a great selling point!

You have access to you last power bills and could email them to us, as part of the suitability assessment.

What are the key advantages of commercial solar?

  • Free electricty during the day when most businesses need it
  • No deposit loans and tax asset right-offs mean no or little capital outlay
  • Increases the re-sale value of the property/business
  • Actions to reduce the carbon foot print are appealing to Government and others in tenders

By adding a solar system to your premises, you will add value to the property.  Commercial Solar Systems designed and built by Solarpro across the Northern Beaches, Crows Nest and St Leonards are typically owned free and clear in 2 to 5 years. Given that we design and build our solar systems to last decades, this presents many years of savings, which adds value to the commercial property.

Solarpro solar power systems are built to last and based on ‘smart’ solar technology. We only use products and parts that have stood the test of time. Unfortunately, in Australia, some lower quality solar products have found their way on to the market. We have seen over the last decade which panels have the best wind loading and high salt mist corrosion resistance, which inverters last the longest, and these are important consideration when installing solar panel arrays on the Northern Beaches.

Electricity prices have fluctuated significantly over the past years. Solar will protect your business from sudden electricity price hikes. With a commercial solar system, you will lock in a high degree of certainty, when it comes to your electricity overheads in years to come.

In our post Covid 19 times, the demand for commercial premises is likely to slow down for a while, as many people will prefer to work from home in a more permanent arrangement. As a landlord a solar system can make your commercial premises more attractive to potential tenants. So why wait, call Solarpro today for an obligation free site inspection.

Is solar power cost effective?

It is difficult to imagine a business that would not benefit financially from solar.  This was true before incentives such as solar being an asset write-off for tax purposes were introduced.  That said, all businesses are individual.

Solarpro uses very sophisticated roof mapping and ROI estimating tools and quoting system.  We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to determine whether solar is cost effective.  If your business is in Brookvale from early 2022 you will have access to independent Solar Ambassadors to do the work for you. Depending upon your business’s particular needs and your local electricity export rules, many matters can influence the return-on-investment percentage for you.  In the last few years ROI for business from solar has typically been a lot higher than other investment options.

How do I size the solar PV system correctly?

Solarpro uses sophisticated roof mapping technology to determine what size system will fit on your premises.  An analysis of your electrcity consumption tells us the rest.  This process is transparent and quick to go through and understand.

How much maintenance cost is there?

Maintenance expenses could include cleaning of panels at regular intervals, e.g., every 2-3 years.  Solarpro recommends SolarEdge systems with individual panel operation and monitoring.  24hr SolarEdge system monitoring is a free service we offer our customers.  This lets us alert you to issues with your system, e.g., a cable being pulled out by a possum.

How to pick the best installation position

Solarpro recommends using SolarEdge optimised inverters.  This gives flexibility on the position of you solar panels.  The panels operate independently so they can be placed on different roof aspects, oriented and tilted to get the best result for your business.  For example, if your key electricity consumption is in the morning you may benefit from East facing panels, while West facing panels would be a solution to offset high electricity use from air conditioning in the afternoon.

How complex is the installation?

It depends on your roof.  Commercial roofs often have air-conditioning units, skylights and vent pipes.  These elements together with taller surrounding buildings can create a potential for shading, and solar does not like shade. Solarpro recommends SolarEdge optimised inverters which make solar panels operate independently enabling shade to be managed without significant power generation loss across the whole solar system.