A pool is a great addition to a home but running the pool filtration and cleaning pumps for hours a day uses a large amount of energy. Changing pumps to energy efficient models will only reduce the energy consumed by so much. Then, on top of that adding an extra pump for an electric Heat Pump can easily double the amount of energy used in a home and dramatically increase costs, unless it is a solar powered pool heat pump!  Solar pool heating can really make a difference.

Pools use energy to run and heat but unfortunately electricity from the grid can be expensive and prices continue to rise. An unheated pool in Sydney will significantly reduce the amount of time the pool is used for most families. We believe pools should be heated and ready to swim in for whichever months of the year you want the pool to be used. After all, your pool is an expensive investment and should be used as often as possible.

All year swimming can be achieved but it’s both expensive to set up and expensive to run so your first job is to decide what months you really want to swim. All year swimming may require two large Heat Pumps where a summer only season may just require a single small one. The second decision is what temperature you want the water to be – 28-30 degrees is common. Another consideration is are you going to use a solar pool blanket. They have many benefits but are useless if you don’t use them. You need to be realistic on who will put it on and roll it up when the swimming is done for the day. Once these considerations are decided we can design a pool heating system for you that will give you what you want in terms of water temperature for the desired swimming season.

Solarpro has been heating pools across Sydney for over a decade. Over that time, we have installed it all including glued-on strip rubber matting, screw through the roof open plastic panels, enclosed panels, evacuated tubes, gas heaters and of course pool heat pumps. We currently recommend installing a SolarEdge solar power system which we can configure using device control technology to use excess solar power to run a Madimack Pool Heat Pump.

We have used our knowledge of pool heating and solar power to find the most cost effective and environmentally sound way to heat a pool.

Most pool heating companies are not solar power experts and solar installation companies do not have Solarpro’s extensive experience in pool heating.  Give us a call to speak to a solar specialist.

Swim year round free from the sun - Solarpro
Run your solar powered pool heat pump free from the sun - Solarpro


Solarpro’s knowledge of smart solar power systems and pool heating combines to deliver a Solar Powered Pool Heat Pump which correctly sized allows you to heat your pool free from the sun using your solar power system.  It is important to let us know that you want to do this when we start the design of your solar power system.


After a decade of supplying solar pool heating to homes across Sydney, we have the technology to integrate a pool heat pump with a solar power system. This is an opportunity to have control of your pool’s temperature using solar power that would otherwise go to the electricity grid. You decrease the financial burden of the pool, use renewable energy and have temperature control.