Heat Pumps are not a new technology but the recent advances that Madimack have introduced into their range, for example, The Elite, are industry leading. Their Elite Heat Pumps are up to 11dB quieter than traditional Heat Pumps making them the quietest Heat Pumps on the market by up to 20%. No more humming about, when you enjoy the tranquillity of your swimming experience.

Madimack have also re-designed their Inverter Heat Pump range from the ground up. Instead of the normal two heat transfer pipes, they have designed theirs with three highly efficient pipes giving them more surface area to absorb the ambient renewable energy. This makes them amongst the smallest units available with an exceptional single fan 28kW unit in their range.

The sleek black heat-absorbing casing they are constructed with allows this unit to literally “disappear” into the garden. All their units come with the latest technology including Wi-Fi as standard.

Their heaters are also independently tested by TUV Rheinland, of Germany, which ensures you are getting what you pay for! This level of quality control and testing is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Madimack is also another great local Northern Beaches company, which means great local after service for you. There is a lot to like about the Madimack Pool Heat Pumps.


It makes perfect sense if you have a pool, which you want to use all year round, to install a solar power system and a Madimack Heat Pump, as this will generate the highest long-term savings for you.

Madimack’s Heat Pump technology can talk to Solarpro’s recommended solar technology. The pump can be integrated with a solar control device that can be programmed so the Heat Pump only generates hot water when there is excess solar energy being generated from your rooftop solar system.

If your solar system has been sized correctly, this means instead of exporting the spare electricity at 6 or 7 cents, you boost your pools temperature in regular intervals, at a very low cost.

This design should not be an afterthought and should be considered when initially installing either the Madimack Heat Pump or your Solarpro Solar System for the best results, as they work hand in hand. Please let us know if this is what you are looking for, as it is not an off the shelf solution, but a customised design combination.


Unique to Madimack, now you can choose where your Heat Pump expels the used air from.  You might wonder why is this important? Most Heat Pumps only expel the air out of the front of the unit. An important thing to know is fan noise follows the expelled air on a Heat Pump, so this technology will create a louder running noise.  

With the Madimack range, you can choose to expel the air either via the front, the rear or via top expulsion, which provides more flexibility for the installation location of your Heat Pump, and in many instances a lower running sound. 

Solarpro and Madimack has a solution for every pool heating application, be it a small, medium or large family pool




The Solartherm pool heating system offers a stylish cost efficient and affordable solution to create a pool heating system that delivers real savings and lots of hot water.

The system works on the theory of heat banking, like being in a black car with the windows up on a sunny day. The performance shines, especially at the polar ends of the season, when the cool winds blow and every degree counts.



How do I choose a heat pump?

Our team of experts at Solarpro are ready to guide you through your pool heat pump selection.  The size of a heat pump is determined by the pool size, climate, whether you wish to swim through winter or not, and if you plan on using a pool cover. Also, if you have a Solar Edge PV system, do you wish to use some of the excess solar electricity to heat the pool? We at Solarpro can assist you with all these questions and more.

How much does it cost to install a heat pump?

Installation cost can vary based on site conditions, electrical power availability and unit size.  For an estimation, we always prefer a proper site inspection. Alternatively, you can email us some photos of your pool, surrounding area, existing pool equipment and electrical sources and then we can give you some basic information over the phone.

How much does it cost to heat a swimming pool per year?

Huge energy savings can be achieved when using the Madimack inverter pool heat pumps compared to gas or other methods of heating. The heat pumps can achieve up to 85% less running cost than conventional heating methods saving you between $3000 to $5000 a year.

How long is the Product Warranty?

Summer Eco and Eclipse units have 2 years full Product Warranty, while the Elite Silent, being our premium range, offers 4 years.  All these units have 25 years on the titanium heat exchanger.

What is the difference between your Summer Eco and the Elite Silent?

All our units offer the latest inverter technology, with Wi-Fi controls included and are more than capable of heating your pool.  Our Elite range, being our premium product, has a few additional benefits.  The most obvious is the aesthetics – with its unique smooth front panel and aluminium casing, this stylish unit is an obvious choice when on display.  The air intakes from the side and discharges out the back.  The Elite unit is slightly more efficient with a lower noise level and comes with 4-year warranty.

Our Summer Eco range is still a popular choice amongst our customers and an excellent choice for the more budget conscious.  This unit has a front discharge fan and comes in an anti-corrosive ABS plastic case.  Our Summer Eco range has a 2-year product warranty.

Why should I choose Madimack?

Did you know our units are designed and manufactured according to Australian and European standard, on top of that they are independently verified for sound, efficiency and performance by TÜV Rheinland for your peace of mind? These heat pumps boast only the highest quality components sourced from leading worldwide companies.  As well as 30% thicker copper for longevity, an insulated control box for further protection, larger heat sink (radiator) for extreme weather protection and corrosion resistant casings even down to the screws!

All the Madimack products offer the latest inverter technology, titanium heat exchanger with 25 years of warranty, automatic defrost feature, and built in Wi-Fi control meaning you can operate your heat pump no matter where you are.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and after sales support and Solarpro has installed many of these units right across Sydney.