Use your solar panels to power your pool heat pump

Reduce Pool Heating Costs with Solar Power

Enjoy your pool on sunny days like today throughout the autumn and even in the winter, if you’re game, with a solar powered pool heat pump.  As the Northern Beaches solar pool heating experts we have been seeking innovative pool heating solutions for over a decade.  For customers who don’t need to have their pool at a specific temperature, we offer Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels.  These panels are designed to keep your pool warm through the polar ends of the swim season.

Solar Powered Pool Heat Pump

Electric heat pumps are relatively inexpensive to buy and you don’t have to worry about running costs if you power it from your solar PV panels. The Madimack heat pumps we use are also super quiet.

A heat pump operates in a similar way to an air conditioner but it does the opposite.  The heat pump extracts the warmth out of the ambient air and transfers it to the pool water. The main advantage is that you can guarantee the desired temperature of your pool provided the heat pump is the correct size.

Solarpro can design a solar power system that covers the rest of your households electricity needs as well as well as providing power for the heat pump. We integrate technology into the pool heat pump so the solar energy system can control the electricity going into the heat pump.  We use the free power of the sun to substantially reduce the running costs of the heat pump.

With costs down and low noise, heat pumps are an excellent way to heat a pool, particularly if you want to pick a specific temperature and day.  If you just want to ensure you have a warm pool for as much of the year as possible then enclosed solar pool heating panels may be the best option for you.

Solartherm Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels

The Solartherm pool heating panels are an Australian design, based on the principle of locking heat in to retain warmth.  When the wind picks up the temperature drops with traditional solar pool heating because the pipes containing the pool water are open to the wind chill factor.

Enclosed solar pool heating panels take up about half the roof space of other systems and they will keep the pool water warmer for longer, particularly in combination with a pool blanket.

The Solartherm panels really come into their own at the polar ends of the swim season.  Provided you have the right amount of panels you’ll stay in your pool for longer throughout autumn and be in it at the very beginning of spring.

Solarpro is the longest operation residential solar company on the Northern Beaches.  Our expertise in all aspects of solar energy is a big advantage in designing solar pool heating systems.  We have installed thousands of systems on the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. So give us a call and let us help you enjoy your pool for longer this year.