Three Ways to Manage Shade on Solar Panels

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Shade on Solar Panels can be from Clouds & Low Light Conditions

When we talk about shade on solar panels we are not just referring to the obvious shadows cast by trees, chimneys or other fixed structures.  It can come from clouds or the position of the sun creating low light conditions.   Whatever the source we want to managed the lack of sunlight on different panels at various times to ensure you ultimately get the maximum solar power possible.

So, even if you don’t have a specific ‘shade’ issue you can still potentially benefit from increased power generation.  In some cases, it’s possible to get up to 25% more solar energy – well worth having.  Here are three important things to consider:

1. SolarEdge Optimised or Enphase micro inverters

It is essential to choose a solar inverter that enables each solar panel to deliver its maximum power irrespective of whether there is shade on any other panel in the roof top solar panel array. This also gives us the ability to position panels on different roof aspects to capture sunlight at various times of the day. It can be useful to follow the sun as it goes from East to West across the roof.

The SolarEdge optimised system has a central solar inverter on a wall away from the sun’s heat with power optimisers under each individual solar panel making them work independently of each other.  Micro inverters are similar but as the name suggests, a mini inverter is installed under each panel on the roof.

2. Select an Experienced Solar Installation Company

Expert solar designers use sophisticated 3D imaging devices to determine shade that will need to be managed.  Technical knowledge of the inverters is also very important.  SolarEdge recognises this by naming companies Preferred Partners. To earn this status all installers receive specific training and undergo stringent tests.  Solarpro is the oldest SolarEdge installation company in Australia having installed our first system back in 2010.  We are Preferred Partners which ensures the SolarEdge system is installed to the highest standard.  All our SolarEdge systems are custom designed to give you the maximum power you can get.  The amount of solar energy you generate is very important for ROI.

All our SolarEdge customers enjoy free 24/7 monitoring of their system for the life of the system.

3. Solar Panels Designed for Low-light

The solar cells in some solar panel brands are designed to improve performance in low-light conditions.  Make sure your solar company is discussing your particular needs, any potential issues and making you fully aware of what products are available and the savings you can realistically expect.

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