Keep Your Power on in a Blackout

Keep the power on in a blackout with solar battery

If you have been hit hard by recent power outages on the Northern Beaches and elsewhere it may be time to consider a solar storage battery.  Keep your power on in a blackout when others are in the dark and increase your energy savings too.  We currently have two Special Offers on our most popular batteries with a back-up function.

Why Solar Battery Back-up Function is Important

Solar batteries with a back-up function supply your home with electricity if the grid shuts down.  If power outages are an issue in your area, it is important to discuss this with your solar professional. Not all batteries have this back-up function.  Some only supply a small circuit and others the whole home.

We have a range of batteries for different needs and budgets.  We generally recommend either Tesla Powerwall or the SolarEdge Home Battery depending on your needs.  These two batteries really let you step into the future with functions designed to enhance your energy savings and opportunities to join virtual power plants.  We currently have two Special Deals on these batteries:

Huge Price Reductions on Tesla Powerwall

We have excess stock and are giving large price reductions to customers who are ready for a quick installation.  The Powerwall is a very popular AC coupled 13.5kWh solar storage battery.  Being AC coupled means it can be easily added to any existing solar power system without the need for a separate solar battery inverter.  It has great features, such as back-up during blackouts and Tesla remotely upgrades the firmware to ensure that whatever date you purchased your battery it always has the most up-to-date energy management features.

Free Trade-Up with SolarEdge Home Battery & Backup

Currently, when you purchase a SolarEdge Home Battery with Backup we’re offering a free trade-up of your SolarEdge inverter (apart from Genesis) to the award winning Home Hub inverter.  The SolarEdge Home Battery is a 10kWh DC coupled battery.   It is designed to work with SolarEdge systems.   Being DC coupled means it is more energy efficient than an AC coupled battery because it requires only one power conversion compared to three. This maximises the amount of solar you can use year-round and during grid outages.  It also means a quicker pay back time for your battery.

The Home Hub inverter comes with a 12year warranty, so the free trade-up is particularly appealing if you’ve been thinking about getting a battery and your existing SolarEdge inverter is nearing the end of it’s warranty period!

With electricity prices expected to rise by 20% in July and ongoing power outages, it’s a good time to discuss your solar power options with one of our solar specialists.