Save money heating water with solar

Turn your Hot Water Tank into a ‘Solar Battery’

Heating hot water is still the highest electricity cost in many homes.  Going solar for your hot water needs will significantly reduce your electricity bill.  In the past it has been necessary to purchase a separate solar hot water system and tank even if you have a solar power system for your other electricity needs.  This is no longer the case.  With the right technology, a solar power system can also heat your water effectively turning your tank into a thermal energy storage device.  If you choose a SolarEdge system for your general electricity needs a hot water diverter can be installed which lets you prioritise using solar power to heat your water.

Like with a battery you are storing your solar energy for your own use rather than exporting it to the grid. Instead of earning relatively small amounts for solar energy you export to the grid during the day and paying larger amounts to heat your water, you can store the energy and heat your water at a fraction of the cost.

When we install the hot water diverter from SolarEdge, the product seamlessly integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, letting you conveniently control water heating directly from your smartphone.

You can use one of several user-friendly modes to manually turn the device on/off, or switch to Timer or Scheduler operation. Excess solar can also be prioritised to the hot water device before other devices, ensuring your Hot Water generation benefits most from available solar energy.

Effectively you are turning your electric hot water tank into a solar storage system similar to a battery and conveniently controlling your water heating from your smart phone. It’s a very cost-effective way to reduce your electricity bill.


Ever since we began installing solar hot water systems in 2009, customers have been wanting to use their solar power (PV) system to heat their water. The benefits are obvious because heating water is what requires most electricity in an average home.

The problem was that they are two separate technologies. It used to be necessary to install a separate solar hot water system with a specifically designed hot water tank and solar collectors. Solar hot water systems work by using the sun’s heat to warm up the water. Solar power (PV) systems generate power from sunlight (photovoltaic). There were government incentives in place which made purchasing a solar hot water system very cost-effective. These incentives are no longer in place.

If you have a SolarEdge PV system we can set it up so you can divert your solar power to your ordinary electric hot water tank. If you have a gas hot water tank, we can convert it to an electric one. This is one of several ways to maximise the use of your solar power rather than exporting it to the grid.  The same technology can be used to direct excess solar power to air conditioners, pool heat pumps, EV chargers and any electrical appliances controlled by a switch.  You take control of your power and maximise the amount that is used in your home rather than sent to the electricity grid, often for just a few cents. It is always worth discussing with us whether you are producing sufficient excess power to warrant purchasing a solar storage battery.

Give us a call to find out just how much money you can save with solar.  We can arrange a free home visit, ‘virtual’ home visit, Showroom visit or a telephone quote.  Our systems are custom designed to meet your electricity needs and budget.  We have an extensive choice of quality solar panels, inverters and solar batteries on display in our Allambie Heights Showroom.

Remember to let us know if you are a constituent of Willoughby City Council. As the Council’s partner in their community solar and battery scheme, we give you a discount on your installation.