Making best use of solar power in household appliances

Smart Home Experts

A smart solar power system gives you precision control over your energy use with the objective of increasing the money you save and improving your ROI.  The concept is simple and involves determining when different appliances are run on solar.  The expertise is in finessing the complex technology to maximise results.  Solarpro are recognised experts in smart device technology having been installing these systems for over five years.

When we design a smart solar power system we are effective turning your house into a Smart Home that not only generates renewable energy, but also integrates the energy consuming devices in your home.  The solar inverter’s computuer and the device technology enables you to take control of your home’s energy down to each switched appliance. You can programme appliances like the air conditioner or a solar pool heat pump not to come on until there is enough excess solar energy being produced. You may like to have your underfloor heating or heated towel rails on a solar-powered timer so they are warm and ready when you want them.

Solar Hot Water

Electric hot water tanks are popular in a smart energy system, because we can direct the excess solar energy directly into your tank. A very cost-effective way to power a solar hot water system.  As the solar power is being stored in the tank as thermal energy you are in effect using it like a solar storage battery at a lower cost.  

EV Chargers

Solar-powered EV chargers can also be integrated into the smart solar power system to ensure you can use the sun’s energy to drive your EV, rather than the grid if you choose. The ultimate goal is to use as much as possible of your excess generated solar power, instead of selling it back to the grid for a few cents, keep it in your property and offset your other electricity needs.  The result will be that you import as little as possible from the grid and stay “off the grid” longer than ever.

Solar Storage Batteries

Combine all this technology with a home solar battery and now the grid is only there to back you up. Your solar system is now the main supplier of the energy for your home. There are opportunities to make money from your solar as part of a Virtual Power Plant or through enhanced feed-in-tariff plans that some retailers offer.

You can monitor how much energy your home uses or exports to the grid at a glance via an app on your smart phone.  Energy control in the palm of your hand.

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