Charging EVs with Solar Power

EV charging with solar power - Solarpro

National Electric Vehicle Strategy – Fuel Efficiency Standard

The Government has launched a discussion paper on a National Electric Vehicle Strategy.  This will explore options and details about how an Australian fuel efficiency standard could work and the benefits of a standard – such as getting more affordable electric vehicles to the market and reducing household transport costs from inefficient vehicles.

If you want to ensure you are EV charging with solar power at home you should take it into account when choosing your solar power system.  Most standard EV chargers use coal-based electricity or only a portion of renewable energy.  There is an EV Charging Solar Inverter available from SolarEdge which will ensure you charge your EV with solar power.  There are many benefits including maximising the use of your solar power rather than sending it to the grid.

You can set yourself up now for your future needs with an EV-ready solar power system, future-proofed for new EV purchase or replacement, and compatible with multiple EV connectors.  It reduces the costs of separately installing a standalone EV charger and a solar power inverter.

Government Initiatives on Electric Vehicles

The Government previously acted to make electric cars cheaper through the removal of fringe benefits tax and the 5% import tariff for eligible electric vehicles.

They are now seeking to ensure Australians have access to the World’s best transport technology including investing in the ‘Driving the Nation’ plan which will:

  • Establish a truly national EV charging network – with charging stations at an average interval of 150km on major roads.
  • Create a national Hydrogen Highways refueling network.
  • Set a Low Emission Vehicle target for the Commonwealth fleet of 75% of new leases and purchases by 2025.

The Government said it’s time Australian households and businesses were able to reap the benefits of transport that is cheaper to run and delivers lower emissions.

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