EV Discount – Benefits of Solar Power

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EV Discount & World’s First EV Charging Solar Inverter

When Parliament resumes in late July, the Government will implement its promised EV Discount and ask the ATO to back-date the tax cuts to 1 July.  The exemptions will be available to all electric cars below the luxury car tax threshold for fuel efficient vehicles ($77,565 in 2020-21).   Solarpro has the World’s first EV charging solar inverter.  We are specialists in ensuring you can charge your EV with solar power.  Not all EV chargers let you do this.

So give us a call to ensure your EV is a truly ‘green’ and cost-effective option.

EV Discounts & Tax Implications

The proposed discount involves exempting many electric cars from:

  • Import tariffs – a 5 per cent tax on some imported electric cars
  • Fringe benefits tax – a 47 per cent tax on electric cars that are provided through work for private use

The discount is a measure to start to bring Australia more inline with Europe in terms of the uptake of electric vehicles.

Planning your Solar and Battery System for EVs with Solarpro

If you or your children are planning to have an EV it’s important to take this and other future power needs into account when deciding on your solar power system.  Many customers decide to install as many solar panels as they can, an EV charging solar inverter and a solar battery in the first instance to ensure their future needs are met.

However, with Solarpro it is not necessary to do this.  We can install a solar power system that gives you the option to increase the amount of solar panels at a later stage with no loss of power (which can happen with some systems).  All our solar power systems are battery ready and we have the largest solar battery range in Sydney.  We do this to give our customers as many options as possible.  This includes modular solar batteries where you can start small and inexpensively and grow.

Give us a call to discuss your options with a solar specialist by phone or a home visit or in our Allambie Heights showroom.