Willoughby Council Solar System Incentive Scheme Continues

Solarpro installation Willoughby incentive scheme

Discounts on Quality Solar Installations for Willoughby

Discounts on quality solar installations for Willoughby City Council constituents are available from Solarpro.  Willoughby City Council’s solar system incentive scheme started at the end of 2021 has proved successful and will continue with Solarpro as the preferred solar installation company.  Under the scheme, Willoughby constituents receive a quality solar installation at a discounted price from Solarpro.

As part of its drive to increase the up take of solar power in its constituency, Willoughby City Council came up with the initiative of a ‘bulk-buy’ incentive for its residents.  The Council wanted to ensure their residents would get a quality, reliable system but at a discounted price.  They vetted a number of solar installation companies and selected Solarpro as the preferred supplier of solar and battery systems under the scheme.

Under the ‘bulk-buy’ arrangement, residents can choose different ‘packages’ or receive a discount on a customised quality solar installation. It was also essential that the solar installation company selected was reliable and met the Council’s high standards of quality, customer service and warranty assurances.

Solarpro is delighted to partner with Willoughby City Council on this leading initiative to help people reap the financial and environmental rewards from solar power and battery systems.  Give us a call to discuss your needs or visit the Council website.