Innovative Solar Pool Heaters

Solartherm pool heating panels with a solar power array Solarpro

Swim at the temperature you want powered free by the sun

Solar Pool Heaters let you swim at the temperature you want.  With innovative options and the latest technology in Solar Powered Pool Heat Pumps, Solarpro is leading the way in pool heating on the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Heat Pumps Powered by Solar

The latest in Smart Solar technology is allowing us to combine a Solar Power system with a Pool Heat Pump and control the energy flow to it. What was once a noisy, expensive way to heat the pool is now almost silent and can be free to run when combined with the correctly designed solar PV system powering it.

Solartherm Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels

We have been installing these compact, Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels for nearly a decade. They use 40% less roof space, are wind proof, they don’t require holes drilled in your roof and cockatoos won’t even get close to damaging them.

If you already have solar pool heating in the form of strip matting (the black rubber strips) you know how much room it takes up.  This is an issue if you want to reduce your electricity bill by installing a solar power system.  You need as much room as possible for the solar panel array.

You may also have experienced the damage that can be caused to your roof from glue and debris that gets caught in it and rots.  More visible damage is often caused by cockatoos, who find the rubber irresistible.

Open pool heating panels are a solution to some of these issues.  However, they do not resolve the main problem and that is the wind chill factor.  Wind is the enemy of pool heating.  By enclosing the solar collectors the Solartherm panels stop the cold winds that often blow at the polar ends of the swim season from dropping the water temperature.

You can get in your pool early Spring and stay in until late Autumn.  Give us a call to discuss your options.