Using renewable energy for your pool goes a long way towards energy self-sufficiency and is a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For an affordable stand-alone solar pool heating system, our top choice is the enclosed solar pool heating panels from Solartherm.

The Solartherm collectors have been installed by Solarpro for the past 5 years and we have seen excellent results for our customers from North Sydney all the way to Gosford. They offer a more cost-effective solutions than heat pumps, this pool heating solution will expand your swimming season considerable as well as offering other advantages.

This collector-based system takes up less space than other conventional systems, such as strip matting. They can go on a cabana or other roof, or be ground-mounted, so you have a wide range of options where to install, especially if your roof also has to house a solar PV panel system.

The problem with traditional strip matting solar pool heating is that it is exposed to the wind and takes up a lot of roof space. They also have seen significant damage from Cockatoo activity if you live in the wrong area.

The fully enclosed panels from Solartherm have black HDPE heat absorbers enclosed in an insulated alminium frame, under a clear polycarbon cover. This protects them from heat loss via wind. This design has made a big improvement to the efficiency of pool heating. Removing the wind chill effect is very significant to contain heat retention.


Solartherm are innovative Australian designed hot water collectors that let you get in your pool early in the season and stay in later. Their engineering uses the natural irradiation of the sun to heat the water, just like the conventional strip heating, but because they are in an enclose collector, they are more efficient.

Another advantage of Solartherm is, that you will have up to 40% more roof space available for your solar electric needs. As solar PV systems become more popular to reduce rising electricity bills, homeowners with older style pool heating wonder, how they will ever fit a Solar Power Solution on their home, when the roof is full of strip matting to heat the pool.

Solar power is a very obvious and appealing way to gain independence by controlling a free energy supply to run a home. Typically, the more solar systems panels you want, the more roof space is required. As electricity prices climb ever higher, roof space is becoming increasingly valuable. Solartherm panels only require a small amount of roof space and can be ground-mounted if preferred.

An added bonus is the collectors are cockatoo proof!! Go Solartherm pool heating and keep your pool warm early in the season and have it stay that way heading into winter.


Many pool owners are unaware that it doesn’t matter which style of Solar Pool Heating system you install, there is a very high chance your roof will be damaged when installing/ removing the old pool heating. 

Strip matting needs to be glued down to your roof, which means debris will get stuck under it and rot/rust. If you go for a rigid panel system chances are the installers will be drilling holes all over your roof to fix the panels down.

Solartherm enclosed panels are different. They are installed like Solar hot water panels and are fixed to the rafters below the tiles and brackets hang through the gap making it watertight, robust and secure.

A solar pool heating system is often as good as the ability to control its function. The custom programmed, automatically managed water flow controller has been designed for optimal heating with minimal energy use.

Most systems are controlled by measuring the roof surface temperature alone. This older technology was designed when electricity was 10 cents a kWh. Today it can be much more a kWh and rising. Solartherm will have you pumping less with its uniquely designed sensor which knows the temperature of the water on the roof and responds to engage the pump only when required.

The Solartherm controller can be wired in or be wireless depending on the application. The wireless version uses its own solar panel to send the signal from the roof. Once there is enough radiant heat from the sun the controller will activate the pump. This ensures there is no wasted electricity and the pump runs as efficiently as possible. 

It’s a set and forget system, which makes it very user friendly and it will cost you less to heat your pool


Highly Energy Efficient

Robust and long lasting

Compact, saving valuable roof space

Easy to install, with no roof holes or glue

Visually more attractive than alternatives

Higher % Heat Generation even during wind

Proven via many successful local Solarpro installs


The attractive modular design allows the solar pool heating panels to be installed almost anywhere you choose; on cabanas, sheds or pump houses and between sky lights or on custom designed ground mounting frames that can be installed within your landscaping.

Cockatoos, vermin and hail can cause serious damage to some solar systems. With Solartherm’s enclosed panels there is nothing exposed for cockatoos to rip, rats to chew or possums to nest under.





The Madimack heat pumps are in a class of their own. After a decade of supplying pool heating to beautiful homes all across Sydney, we have found a solution that integrates with solar and is cost efficient to run.

More importantly is makes heating your pool not a financial burden. Especially when combining heat pump technology and solar PV one can have renewable energy pool heating at a fraction of gas pool heating for example. Read more



What are other advantages of the Solartherm solar pool heating system?

A solar pool heating system converts the sun’s light and heat to heat the water in your pool. These heating systems are very common in Sydney’s North because of our relative high temperatures and a lot of sunlight.

Solar pool heating like Solartherm have one other advantage over other types of gas or older style electric pool heaters, as they have no immediate operational costs. You could use a heated pool for longer part of the year without worrying about massive increases in your electricity or gas bills.

People also are more likely to use their gas and older style electric systems to heat the pool during peak times, which also happens to be when energy costs are potentially highest. When you use the Solartherm system this is not an issue.

Solartherm heating systems are long-lasting and sturdy, making them an excellent long-term investment. Solar pool systems typically have a 10-to-12-year warranty and life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, in contrast to 1-5 years warranty for alternative solutions.

When compared to other conventional heating options, the typical payback period for a Solartherm pool system is 2-3 years. The savings over the system’s lifetime greatly exceed the investment.

The Solartherm solar pool heating system is very simple to operate and requires very little maintenance, a great added benefit for time poor homeowners.

The Solartherm system also wins out because it is environmental benefits. Solartherm, unlike for example gas pool heaters, produce no air pollution. Homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint can choose Solartherm, secure in the knowledge this solution has excellent environmentally friendly credentials.

The final advantage of solar pool heating is that it is ready when you are. Other pool heater technologies can take hours or days to heat up the pool. Solar hot water generation via Solartherm panels operates automatically whenever the sun shines. This means that your pool feels warm in most seasons and is ready for when you and the family want to take a dip. Call Solarpro for more information and advice via ph 9453 1485.