EV Trial Using Excess Solar Power for Grid Stability

EV charging solar inverter and solar battery - Solarpro

Use Excess Solar Power to Charge your EV

Having a ‘smart’ solar power system with an EV charging solar inverter ensures you run your EV on ‘green’ power and could help stabilise the grid. A $3.4 million EV home-charging trial is underway as reported by As reported by Utility Magazine (12 May 2022) looking at the role EVs can play in using excess solar power that would otherwise be exported to the grid.

The trial is being run by electricity network service providers and is the first of its kind in Australia. The objective is to see how they can work with their customers to marry up the time they charge their EV with times when there is surplus energy coming into the grid.

When Solarpro sets your system up with device control technology and an EV charging solar inverter you ensure you are charging your EV with ‘green’ solar power rather than coal-based electricity.  SolarEdge has introduced the World’s first EV charging solar inverter.  This means you won’t need a separate charger.  Currently the only other option to ensure you can use solar power is to install a Zappi EV charger which has an ECO mode enabling it to work with solar or wind turbines.

Customers tell us they are setting themselves up now not just for their own EV but assuming their kids will have them as well.  Most people are surprised when they find out that if they use a standard EV charger their ‘green’ car will be charged from coal-based electricity even if solar power is available.

Give us a call to discuss your EV charging options and special offers we currently have on solar batteries.  The photo shows an ideal set-up for EV charging needs – the EV charging solar inverter and a solar storage battery.