Slash your Costs with Solar Home Heating

Slash Costs with Solar Home Heating

Heat the air in your home FREE using excess solar power

Solarpro installs device control technology that lets you heat the air in your home FREE using excess solar power that has been redirected to a thermal storage unit. For extra luxury at low cost we can set your solar power system up to use excess power for underfloor heating.  You’ll be amazed how inexpensive it is.

Heat your Air with Solar Power

Imagine your home being heated free by the sun whilst you’re at work so it’s toasty warm when you come home; or storing it for later use that night. Instead of excess solar power going to the electricity grid or a solar battery it can be directed to a thermal storage unit to heat your home. Set up by us for you to control on a timer or via your smartphone.

Heat your Floor with Solar Power

If you are installing a new floor of any kind – tile, concrete slab, carpet or even a timber floating floor you cannot beat Underfloor Heating to give your home that feeling of absolute luxury. Now your excess solar can power this too!

Get the best value for money from your Solar Power. We are experts in ‘Smart’ Solar Storage with or without a battery. Solar batteries can be expensive. There are very affordable alternatives.

Visit our Allambie Heights showroom to feel the heat of a solar home heater and discuss your solar energy storage options with one of our experts.  Contact Us.