Why Solar Battery Prices are Rising

Special offers on Solar Batteries from Solarpro

Solar Battery Manufacturing Costs Continue to Rise

Manufacturing costs for lithium ion solar storage batteries like Tesla Powerwall have been steadily rising since they first hit the Australian market.  In fact, Powerwall is now double the price it was just a few years ago.  Solar battery manufacturing costs continue to rise with the latest announcement that Powerwall is going up by $950.

Our customers who purchased solar batteries have been reaping the rewards of dramatically reduced power bills for years and most have already paid off the cost of the battery.  However, we still hear the comment from people that they are waiting for batteries to come down in price. Solar batteries are a commodity and subject to increased manufacturing costs like anything else.

It is possible that a new technology will come along that performs the function of a solar battery.  We are not aware of anything imminent that is new and revolutionary that would replace the solar battery.  Given the steady increases over the years, we don’t see any reason why batteries would drop in price.  SolarEdge has also announced a price increase for their Home Battery.

No Cash Available for a Solar Battery – Consider a No Deposit Green Loan

If you don’t want to use your own capital to purchase a solar battery you could consider a ‘No Deposit – Green Loan’.  A loan is not for everybody but we have reports from customers who find that paying back the loan from electricity savings (even with the interest) find themselves financially better off.  We will go through the figures with you in detail if you are interested.

Solar Battery Special Offers from Solarpro

We have some battery stock at pre-rise prices.  You may wish to take advantage of one these special offers:

Save Up to $2170 on Tesla Powerwall

Beat the $950 Powerwall price rise. Save a further $1220 in the first year by joining Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant*.

FREE Inverter Trade-Up with SolarEdge Home Battery & Backup

Beat the $900 price rise. Get a Free SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter. Trade Up for any existing 1 phase SolarEdge inverter when you purchase a SolarEdge Home Battery with Backup**.

Stock is limited on both batteries.* Tesla’s VPP conditions apply.** Excludes Genisis inverter.

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