Swim in the Pool Temperature You Love, Powered Free by the Sun

Swim year round free from the sun - Solarpro

Years of experience with Smart Solar Power Systems puts Solarpro in a unique position to set you up with a pool heat pump that runs FREE from the sun.

How it works

Madimack’s new Elite V3 pool heat pump features the latest inverter technology, smallest ventilation requirements, lowest noise levels and greatest energy efficiencies of any on the market. Combine this with a correctly sized Smart Solar Power System and we can ensure the heat pump only comes on when the system is generating enough energy to run it.

Solarpro are experts on Smart Solar Power Systems and have years of experience with solar pool heating.  This combination enables us to custom design a Solar Powered Heat Pump system for you that lets you use your solar power to best advantage.  For people who are already using all of their solar power but still want to heat their pool we offer the advanced Solartherm Enclosed Pool Heating Panels.  However, there is currently a bit of a wait in getting these due to manufacturing delays because of COVID.

Options to suit yours needs and budget

Buy the Heat Pump now and add the Solar Power System later; add to an existing Smart Solar Power System, buy as a Full Package Now

Currently, included with the heat pump is the Inverter Plus energy saving device because energy efficiency saves you money.  This turns a single speed pool pump to a variable speed, adding up to 80% efficiencies.


This is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly way to have your pool at the temperature you want, when you want it.  If you already have a solar power system and are sending a lot of excess solar power to the electricity grid, then this may be a particularly good option.  The way to get maximum benefit from your solar power system is to use as much as possible of your solar power yourself because the amount you are paid for exporting your energy to the grid is typcially only a few cents per kWh.

No Deposit ‘Green’ Loans are available

These are becoming increasingly popular.  They have relatively low interest rates and obviously require no payment from you as a deposit.  Our customers use them not just for solar powered heat pumps but also to enable them to buy a solar battery or to upgrade their solar power system from a Standard one to a Premium or Premium Plus system.  Many of them tell us that even with the interest they are making money on their solar systems.