‘Beautifully’ Integrated Solar Panels

Building integrated solar panels

Solarpro is proud to be the first certified Sollos installer in Australia. Designed for ‘new builds’ and roof renovations these innovative building integrated solar panels can also be retrofitted. The first installation just took place on the North Shore and was a retrofit because aesthetics were particularly important.

We replaced existing traditonal roof-top solar arrays on two neighbouring properties.  See ‘Interesting Installs’ for a write-up on it.

Solarpro is always looking for innovative products that offer value for money and different options for our customers.  While new to Australia the panels have taken the UK and Europe by storm with their sleek appearance.

Perfect for New Builds

Whether you’re a home renovator, architect or builder this is a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof-top solar arrays where the panels are attached to rails on the roof. It is a similar price to a standard solar power system and the solar panels can be optimised for maximum power generation using a SolarEdge inverter.  Likewise we can add a solar storage battery just as we would with any solar power system.

Renovation Options

If you have a slate or old tiled roof, this product may be particularly appealing. It presents an option to strip off tiles that might not support solar panels well and replace them with the Sollos panels.  When the building integrated solar panels are retrofitted, rather than part of a planned roof renovation or new build the extra building costs can make this a more expensive option.  The solar power system itself is comparable in price to solar systems with traditional roof-top solar panels.

Aesthetics and Performance

Developed by engineers from Cambridge University, the panels have been in use throughout the UK and Europe for seven years. Overseas, in some areas they have been approved for use on Heritage Listed buildings, giving owners clean energy options they wouldn’t otherwise have. Adding features such as roof windows is also an option. The solar panels are high performance and the look is sleek.