Award Winning Solar Installer – Northern Beaches Business Awards for 2021

Solarpro Wins Northern Beaches Business Award 2021

Solar installer Solarpro is honored to Win Outstanding Service Business in the Northern Beaches Business Award 2021. A huge thank you to our team who strive every day to provide the best service we can for our customers and to those customers, our community and environmental partners who took the time to vote for us. You made our year!!


Our solar installation business is built on the sustainability principle that paying as much attention to environmental and social aspects as we do our financial bottom line is the key to profitability. We understand customer service played a large part in achieving the Award and we are committed to ensuring we maintain this.  We welcome feedback and seek to continuously improve.

Solarpro specialises in custom built solar power and battery systems for homes, small and medium sized local businesses.  The financial benefits from solar power to a business that operates during the day have always been high – Three Beans Cafe is a good example.  There are incentives from the Government, including asset write-offs and now there is a not-for-profit independent group of people who will help business with the time consuming aspects.

What better way to celebrate a Business Award than to promote initiatives that are underway to make renewable energy an easy option for business.


As a small business we know how difficult it is to devote time to initiatives you know will be of benefit but just can’t get to! This is where the Solar Alliance can help. This independent volunteer group uses local know how to get more solar on roofs and make industrial zones into Renewable Energy Powerhouses. They help with finance, they do the research. They even fill in the forms. All you need is a roof. The project is scheduled to launch on 28 February but if you are a business in Brookvale you can get in touch with them now at the above link.  They are a not-for-profit  organisation motivated entirely by the desire to help increase the use of renewable energy.