Why Install a ‘Smart’ Solar Power System?

Why install a Smart Solar Power System?

A fully integrated Smart Solar Power system lets you use as much of your solar power as possible, which reduces the amount sent to the grid and maximises your return on investment (ROI).

A ‘smart’ solar power system puts you in control of how your excess power is used.  This is increasingly important because the amount of money that electricity retailers will pay for solar power is less than they charge for the power you buy from the grid.  So, typically you lose out financially unless you have a solar storage battery or are cleverly using as much of your own power as you can without one.

There are a lot of ways to be clever or ‘smart’ with solar power.  It is important to get good advice from a solar specialist at the start.  How a system is initially designed and installed can make a significant difference to what technology you can add in the future and at what cost.

A quality solar company will discuss your potential future needs as well as your current situation.  It is also a good idea to check the amount of hands-on experience they have with ‘Smart’ Solar Power systems.  The technology and way the system is designed is more sophisticated than a standard solar power system.  The experience of the solar installation company can make a big difference to how effective the system is.


Award winning solar installer, Solarpro, has been designing Smart Solar Power systems since device control was first introduced in 2016. No other Australian solar company has as much experience with SolarEdge technology as Solarpro. This technology gives our customers flexibility and control over how they use their excess solar power, including solar water heating without solar hot water panels, running a pool heat pump or heating/cooling your home.

Smart Solar Storage

Our experience with Smart Solar Power has led to the introduction of clever ways to store solar power with or without a solar storage battery. This includes storing solar power as thermal energy in water or in a room heater to reduce your home heating costs.

Smart EV Charging

Let us show you how to ensure your ‘green’ car can charge from free solar power rather than just from the predominantly coal-based grid.  Most people are surprised to find that EV chargers do not automatically use renewable energy.  Currently, only the Zappi EV charger has solar power as an option and there is only one solar inverter manufacturer in the World that incorporates EV charging in its inverters. Setting up correctly now ensures you have the right solution and saves considerable money later when you get an EV.

Smart Solar Payment

‘No deposit green loans’ are a useful way to get a battery or a more sophisticated solar power system and pay for it from electricity savings. Our customers say they are saving money even with the interest.  In many cases, these loans are shaping up to be a clever and cost-effective way to go ‘green’.

All of the technologies referred to can be added later at reduced cost, if your solar power system is set up correctly when first installed.