SMILE with the Alpha ESS Range

The Alpha ESS (Energy Storage System) range is called SMILE and we believe it will put a smile on your face. It is a low-cost quality solar battery range with options to suit most people’s storage needs and budgets. There are batteries which you can add to any existing solar power system and great value for money solar and battery system packages for new installations.

Alpha’s goal with this range was to provide a durable product with a quick response time, real time monitoring and embedded system. They are user-friendly with significant storage capacity.

Suitable for Existing Solar Systems or New Installations

There are AC-coupled batteries which can be added to any existing solar power system just like Tesla Powerwall.  For new solar installations there are hybrid DC-coupled options with a built-in solar inverter.  Battery sizes vary with a choice of 5kWh, 10kWh & 13.3kWh singularly, or you also have the option to add up to six of them to reach a potential 80kWh on their single phase model.  Their three phase option ranges from 8.6kWh up to 51kWh and also supplies three phase backup.  A backup option is what is required with a battery to keep the power on in a blackout.

The battery chemistry is lithium iron phosphate and they have a 10-year warranty.  Their firmware can be upgraded remotely, like Tesla Powerwall.  This means the battery will keep up-to-date with new technology irrespective of when you purchase it.  They also  have sophisticated energy management systems and back-up capability.

Like all batteries in Solarpro’s range the Alpha’s are VPP ready for your future energy needs.

Low-Cost Quality Solar & Battery System

Most people who have decided on solar power would also like a solar storage battery. However, a battery can cost as much or more than the solar power system itself, making it quite an expensive proposition in one go.  

The Alpha ESS range enables us to offer combined solar power and battery packages at under the price you would pay for some solar batteries on their own.

A good example would be a 6.6kW solar power system with 16 solar panels and an Alpha Smile5 hybrid – 5kW invert and 10kWh battery.  This is a popular size for a lot of homeowners and the lower cost makes it feasible.  It could pay for itself in about 5 years.

Australia has an aging electricity grid and is going down the path of shared renewable energy to support it and deliver our future energy needs.  The low-cost solar and battery system package makes it feasible for more people to make themselves future ready now. 

There are also No Deposit, Green Loans available which can make the option even more financially appealing.  Let our solar specialists crunch the numbers for you.

Low-cost quality solar battery system from Solarpro



Tesla Powerwall has a capacity of 13kWh making it one of the larger domestic solar batteries currently available. It is AC coupled and can be added to an existing solar system without the need for a separate solar battery inverter.



The SolarEdge Home Battery is a DC coupled 10kWh solar storage battery. While SolarEdge is best known for their optimised inverters, they have a lot of experience with solar batteries. They were the original battery management system for Tesla. They have close to 100,000 residential systems with batteries from Tesla and LG on them worldwide and they own Kokam, an industry leader in battery chemistry and utility storage.



The AC coupled 10kWh sonnenBatterieEVO can be installed outdoors. Like Powerwall it can be easily added to an existing solar power system. The DC coupled sonnenBattterie Hybrid 9.53 is impressively energy efficient at 98% and expandable from 2.5kWh to 15kWh.