Guilt Free Air Conditioning with Solar

Solar panel installation by Solarpro Northern Beaches

We often hear that people finally install solar power after years of limiting their use of the air conditioner in stifling heat and trying to only use major appliances at off peak times because they feel guilty.  Many of us are in the same boat because of rising electricity prices or environmental concerns or both.  Don’t wait to install solar power!

Guilt Free Air Conditioning or Heating

A correctly sized solar power system can be configured using device technology to run your air conditioner with excess solar power.  It can certainly give you freedom around when you use your clothes dryer and other electrical appliances.  In fact, it is generally more cost-effective to have your solar power system installed in this way because you will save more money using as much of your solar energy as possible rather than exporting it to the grid for fairly low payments.  If you have a swimming pool you might want your excess solar to run a solar powered pool heat pump.  Many of our customers are seeing significant savings from managing their pool heating this way.

With winter approaching you may be thinking more about heating up than cooling down.  Solar energy can be used for room heating, underfloor heating and water heating.  We’re experts in this smart device technology.  Let us show you what solar energy can do for you!

Add a Solar Strorge Battery

If you add a solar battery you will really have future proofed your home.  Obviously, a solar storage battery with back-up will let you keep your power on in a blackout and run appliances in the evening using solar rather than grid electricity.  However, it also opens up opportunities to increase your savings by being smart about when you purchase grid electricity and when you use stored solar power.  If you see an electric vehicle in your future  We’ve got a Special Deal running on Tesla Powerwall right now.