Extend Your Swim Season with Solartherm Panels

Swim longer with Solartherm enclosed pool heating panels

Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels Back in Stock

Solartherm enclosed solar pool heating panels are available for installation now after stock shortages due to Covid.  These exceptional solar pool heating panels enable you to stay in your pool longer.  They have many advantages over other solar pool heating systems including the removal of wind-chill, their small size and reduction in pool running costs through better temperature mangement.

No Wind-Chill Factor

Wind is the enemy of pool heating.  The Solartherm solar energy collectors are encased in a polycarbonate covered panel which stops wind from cooling them down.  This increases the temperature of the water going into your pool and keeps the pool temperature higher, particularly at the shoulder ends of the swim season. The two other methods of solar pool heating – strip matting (rubber tubes) and open solar panels are both subject to wind chill.

Minimal Roof Space Required

The Solartherm panels are compact making them very energy-efficient and reducing the amount of roof space they need compared to other solar pool heating methods.  In fact, they only require about half your home’s roof space compared to strip matting pool heating systems and they can be installed on other roofs such as garages and cabanas.  This leaves more room to install a solar power generating roof top array which is becoming even more desirable with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles.

Reduce Your Running Costs

The Solartherm custom programmed, automatically managed water flow controller has been designed for optimal heating with minimal energy use.

Most solar pool heating systems are controlled by measuring the roof surface temperature alone. This technology was fine when electricity was 10 cents a kWh. Today it is much more expensive and still rising. Solartherm reduces the amount of pumping needed because of its uniquely designed sensor.   The sensor knows the temperature of the water on the roof and responds to engage the pump only when required to increase the water temperature.

The Solartherm controller can be wired in or be wireless depending on the application. The wireless version uses its own solar panel to send the signal from the roof. Once there is enough radiant heat from the sun the controller will activate the pump. This ensures there is no wasted electricity and the pump runs as efficiently as possible.

Solartherm is a set and forget system, making it very user friendly and reducing the cost to heat your pool.

Protect Your Roof

There is a high chance of damage to your roof when installing or removing most solar pool heating systems.  Protecting your roof is another advantage of the Solartherm enclosed panels.

Strip matting has to be glued down to your roof, which means debris can get stuck under it and potentially rot causing rust. If you go for a rigid open panel system the installers may have to drill holes all over your roof to fix the panels down.

Solartherm enclosed panels are different. They are installed in a similar way to solar hot water panels, by being fixed to the rafters below the tiles and brackets hang through the gap making it watertight, robust and secure.

Give us a call to order your Solartherm panels now to ensure you’ll be back in the pool in early Spring.