Smash heating costs with solar room heaters

A Smart Solar Power system can reduce heating costs by using solar energy that would otherwise be exported to the electricity grid to heat the air in your home. When the heater is not using solar power, it uses off-peak electricity to keep your costs down.  By storing the solar energy the heaters act like batteries and using excess solar helps avoid the Solar Tariff.

How Solar Room Heating Works

Old technology with a modern twist, these types of heaters were used to warm the public during WW2 in the London Underground when it was used as a bomb shelter. We have just modernised them with the latest solar technology. When connected with a Smart Device they work just like a home battery or a Smart Device connected electric hot water tank, soaking up your excess solar energy rather than sending it to the grid. The heat can be stored for when you get home at night or used on convection mode to heat during the day. 

Heat Rooms up to 90m2 with Solar

  • The smaller Heatboss range is available in three sizes and  heats rooms up to 52m2. 
  • In the Heatwave range the largest heater stores up to a whopping 32kWh’s of thermal energy that can heat an area up to 90m2. 

Use Solar Combined with Off-Peak Electricity

The heaters can be charged with both off peak power at night and solar during the day. Unlike daytime heating with an air conditioner motor, these units heat whilst staying under the solar generation limit when the sun is shining.

When set up with a SolarEdge Smart Device it can be turned on via your smartphone so your home is toasty when you walk in the door or opt to set and forget on a thermostatically controlled timer.

Solar Heating for Business

These heaters work very well in offices operating during daylight hours. If you’re running a small business and want to get your costs down, solar power is an excellent option.  There are government incentives available and no deposit loans.

Room heating is just one example of Smart Solar Storage being used to save money.  Give us a call to hear what solar can do for you.