How to Avoid the Solar Tariff

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The Solar Tariff (also called the ‘Sun Tax’) is not as scary as it sounds or is being made out to be by some people.  In reality, solar exporters are only likely to lose 1 cent or so from their current Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and we can help avoid even this!  Points to Note:

  • The Two Way Tariff will be charged to energy retailers by Ausgrid which means by the time it gets charged to individual solar exporters by their energy retailer it is likely to only reduce the FiT by about 1 cent.
  • There is a free threshold of up to 6.8kWh daily. The charges and credits are only charged after you have exported above this. The charges and times are as follows:

10am to 3pm = 1.2c/kWh charge

4pm to 9pm = 2.3c/kWh credit

  • Many solar producers are not maximising the FiT anyway. There are several ways you can increase your FiT with the vast amount of energy plans available now. We recommend checking out to see if there is a better plan you could be on! 

Smart Solar Power & Storage

Solar power system can be set-up to ensure maximum use of your energy during the day rather than exporting it to the grid, for a FiT which has been low for a while now.  

Solarpro are experts in Smart Power Systems and we have long been encouraging our customers to use this device technology to maximise the use of their own energy.

Obviously, having a solar battery is a way to use your own energy rather than exporting it to the grid. The recently announced Solar Battery Rebate which will be available from 1 November 2024 is designed to encourage more people to purchase a battery. Other ways are installing energy storing equipment that can store excess solar energy during the day such as electric hot water tanks and home space heaters

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