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20 Sep, 2020

Battery Storage Solutions: To Buy, or Not to Buy?

Are you still deciding whether to buy a battery to store your solar power? The quick answer is buy now. Solarpro stays on top of developments and the batteries we install are innovative and econom ...

13 Sep, 2020

Our Range of Work and Services

Solar isn’t a new thing for our team. As one of the oldest and most trusted solar companies in Northern Sydney, we have experience installing a wide variety of solar technologies. This includ ...

6 Sep, 2020

A Quick Peek at what SMART Solar can do for your Home

Here’s a quick snapshot of just how much power (literally and figuratively) our clients can control. In addition to modern, cutting-edge solar technology, custom designed to your electrical an ...

30 Aug, 2020

What we offer to Clients

We are proud to be Northern Sydney’s most advanced, full-package solar service company. This means offering progressive technical support and state-of-the-art technology to create a solar syst ...

23 Aug, 2020

Our Accreditation

Our team takes solar seriously ☝️. This not only means getting plenty of experience in the sector, but also ensuring that we have the right certifications and paperwork to provide the best servi ...

16 Aug, 2020

Types of Inverters on the Market

Did you know that there is more than one kind of solar inverter on the market? When you invest in solar, you’re given the choice of using an optimised solar inverter, string solar inverter and ...

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