Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are changing the future of energy. As the uptake of solar and home batteries increase globally, VPPs are providing a cloud-based bridge between renewable energy and the coal-based electricity grid, enabling better demand management and lower electricity prices.

When your battery is connected to Evergen Intelligent Control you can opt in and out of any eligible VPP that Evergen is operating, provided you are in the area. You become part of a network that will help solve Australia’s electricity distribution problems and you are paid to do it.

Why Virtual Power Plants are Important for Australia

Australia’s coal-based electricity grid is old, and it was originally designed only to deliver power to homes and businesses not to receive power from them. The amount of Australian’s who want clean energy has forced a change in electricity supply and demand. The National electricity grid is now also receiving power from homes and businesses. It was never intended to do this, and the Government is seeking ways to address this issue. For those of us who have chosen solar power and want control over our electricity, we can look beyond the aging grid and become a part of the future electricity distribution system.

Earning Money from Virtual Power Plants

The network of connected homes in a VPP join to support the grid, either by releasing power onto it, or storing power from it. In return, participants are paid an incentive each time their battery storage is required.

The amount of money participants can earn depends on a variety of factors including, the number of times power is required from their battery and the structure of customer incentives established by the different VPPs.

The goal of a VPP is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels through the reliable use of renewable energy such as solar power. This ultimately means the delivery of cheaper electricity for all Australians.

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