Why buy a Solar Storage Battery from Solarpro?

Storing solar power enables you to use your own solar-generated electricity whether there is sunlight or not and, where needed, purchase grid electricity at an off-peak rate. The objective is to get you as near to $0 for electricity as possible. We have options to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Solarpro is recognised by leading manufacturers, including world market leaders sonnen, Tesla and LG Chem, as an expert installer of solar storage batteries
  • All our batteries are Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready
  • Local installation for personalised after-sales care
  • All Solarpro batteries are approved under the Clean Energy Council Battery Assurance programme for safety and performance


Getting the Best Value for Your Money

Solarpro will take you through the best options for your needs and budget. With solar batteries, it is important to ensure the solar system and battery are the correct size for individual needs. The amount of cycles the battery is warrantied for is also very important because the average home battery will do at least one cycle a day. The life expectancy of the battery/warranty, what return on investment are you getting, can you start small and grow? These are the kind of questions we’ll go through with you to find the right solar battery.

How Solar Storage Works

When you install a solar storage system, the energy that flows around your house is controlled by your solar inverter. The job of the inverter is to keep you off the grid. It does this by supplying the house with energy firstly from the solar panels, secondly the battery and finally the grid. It knows where and how much energy is needed because of an energy consumption meter we install into your house wiring. You can now monitor live data from your solar panels and battery capacity to see if the pool pump or clothes dryer is putting you in the red. Better still, you can now connect those appliances to home automation devices that work together with the solar inverter, ensuring they won’t switch on unless there is enough excess energy being produced by the solar system. You can even turn your electric hot water tank into a solar PV powered tank that only heats with excess energy from your solar panels.

Battery Backup

Battery backup is a function in the battery that supplies your home with electricity if the grid shuts down. Not all batteries have a backup function. Installing a battery with a backup allows you to have your fridge working and your lights on when everyone else in the street is digging candles out of storage. Some batteries backup a small circuit and others will backup the whole house. For most people backup is important, so when purchasing a battery please make sure you not only ask, “Does it have backup” but also “How much backup capacity can I have”?

What's the Cost of Waiting for a Battery?

Many people believe it’s better to wait for the price of batteries to come down. It’s true the price will come down eventually but what really is the cost of waiting for that day to happen? If a battery saves you $1,200 a year in electricity costs, this would mean the price of a battery would need to come down $2,400 in the next two years. There is not one battery in our showroom that will come down in price that much in two years. Solarpro believes waiting is more expensive than installing a battery now.

I’m Waiting for Battery Technology to Improve!

Wait no more! The great thing about some batteries is that they have a computer in them that downloads firmware and function upgrades from the internet. Our customers who installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 two years ago currently have two new functions that weren’t included when they installed their battery originally!

Control on Your Device

On the Tesla app, you are not only checking your solar generation, home consumption and energy export, including the battery’s state of charge at a glance, it also allows you to load shift energy according to your tariff. This enhances your energy savings. You can also take it to the next level by setting it to “Cost Saving” mode and let the computer decide what’s best depending on the weather and your average usage for that day. This battery really lets you step into the future!


LG RESU 10H solar battery is DC coupled making it energy efficient. It can only be installed with the SolarEdge inverter because it doesn't have its own inverter. This is a great solution for when we have issues like voltage rise caused by long and thin cables leading into the house.

About Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2 has a capacity of 13.5kWh making it one of the larger domestic solar batteries currently available. It is AC coupled and can be added to an existing solar system without the need for a solar battery inverter. This battery has all of the bells and whistles and comes highly recommended by Solarpro.

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