Solar Battery Optimisation

Solarpro’s objective is to achieve free electricity for its customers and maximum payment for the excess power produced. Today we are a step closer to achieving this by offering free battery optimisation and the potential to join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). VPPs offer financial incentives that are a substantial improvement on the few cents per kWh that energy retailers currently pay for excess solar power.

Advanced Energy Management

Through our partnership with Evergen you can:

1. Have your battery optimised to get the most power possible. On average this will reduce your energy bill by 26.4% more than already achieved by having a battery.

2. Talk to Evergen about joining one of their VPPs. This opens the opportunity to make money from your excess solar power and be an active participant in Australia’s energy future. Learn more.

Saving money through solar battery optimisation

Evergen Intelligent Control optimisation software is used to determine when your stored power will deliver the greatest savings on your electricity bill. Ensuring you achieve the quickest possible payback on your solar battery system.Optimisation is free and you can opt out if you are not happy with the results.

Your solar battery system is connected to a cloud-based algorithm. This algorithm gathers data minute by minute on 42 separate factors including weather forecasts and your home’s individual electricity demand and tariff structure. There is no hardware involved. By using such up to the minute data, your solar storage battery operates at its best all the time. This is the key to maximising the return on your investment. You will get the quickest payback on the cost of your battery. Everything is visible on an easy-to-use app.

Solar Battery Optimisation

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