Solar power systems are complex pieces of equipment.  Problems can occur whether you have a simple string system design or a more sophisticated optimised inverter such as SolarEdge.  The difference is that with an optimised system where each panel is individually monitored you can see there is a problem before you get your electricity bill.  If the optimised system is installed by Solarpro then it is monitored daily on your behalf.  We are alerted and can take measures to resolve the issue.

A quality solar power and battery system installed by a reputable company will last for many years. However, there are a few reasons why solar panels, or the inverter, don’t perform to their full potential. The build-up of dirt or debris could be preventing sunlight from reaching the panels. Neighbouring trees might have grown significantly causing more shade to fall onto the panels, which is particularly important if you have a string inverter design. Other causes for lower-than-expected output can be bad wiring left in place by installers scrimping on time to reduce costs, unnoticed shutdowns due to lack of monitoring or simple wear and tear that has eaten into system components over time. This is particularly prevalent when cheap fixtures and fittings are used.Whatever the reason, solar panel failures and system underperformance will mean that homeowners and business owners won’t be able to enjoy the benefits they are entitled to. It is always a good idea to repair or replace an old or faulty solar system as soon as possible, while generous incentives from the government are still available. These incentives are available to homeowners again, even if they received a solar rebate previously. A Solarpro system inspection will ensure that such issues are investigated and that your home’s solar system is again working at its maximum.


Solarpro can assist with solar system upgrades or the addition of an LG, Tesla, SolarEdge or Redback  battery to an existing solar system, as long as the existing PV system has the kW capacity to power a decent size battery. Unfortunately, in many cases with the older 1.5kW to 3kW systems installed between 2009 and 2015, the PV regulations have changed, and upgrades and repairs are not always economically viable. There is an easy solution – schedule a bi-annual solar panel inspection. This allows us to check that your solar panels are working properly and to take corrective action if they are not. We can also advise you on when your system should get an upgrade or when components come to the end of their life. One general warning is needed regarding local system repairs. Due to our proximity to the ocean and the resulting high salt corrosive nature of the sea breeze, the Northern Beaches and surrounds are not that friendly to cheap solar components and systems in general. This is why Solarpro only uses top quality fixtures and fittings as well as the more obvious quality solar panels.Solarpro offers a service to check and maintain its customer’s solar power systems. 

A solar power system should be checked every few years to see if it performs to expectations, just like your car for example. As part of the inspection, we will be looking out for panels that might have gotten loose, debris accumulation underneath the panels, chewing on the cables by rodents or cockatoos, and overall system performance. 

A health check will make sure that your system is operating properly and that you are getting the best output from it. When we are asked to inspect faulty systems, it is often the case that they are in the cheaper price range and the manufacturer and installer have gone out of business. In many cases the systems are beyond repair. It is still true regarding the longevity of solar panels, inverters and components that “You get what you pay for”.