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27 Jun, 2021

Reduce your Bills AND your Carbon Footprint

Solar energy continues to grow in demand with greater awareness of environmental issues and high electricity prices. If you are concerned about rising energy costs, carbon emissions and the greenhous ...

13 Jun, 2021

Take control of your solar power

For new installations by Solarpro, you have the opportunity to apply a high-tech solar solution that gives you complete control over the energy you produce, using a smart energy control device. The ...

11 Jun, 2021

Are you losing money by not having a solar storage battery?

Check how much excess solar power you export to the grid and how much you are paid. Then check how much you pay for electricity from the grid when the sun is down.A solar storage battery lets you use ...

5 Jun, 2021

Complex solar power system

Solarpro specialises in quality, custom designed solar power systems. Whether it’s an 11kW system requiring some special engineering like this one; or  simply ensuring your system is correctly size ...

25 May, 2021

Correctly sizing a solar power system

Having a correctly sized solar power system for your electricity needs, budget and roof space is essential for a great return on your investment.We work with you to custom design a quality system fo ...

20 May, 2021

Generate 25% more solar power

SolarEdge optimised solar systems generate up to 25% more power than string inverters. This is because each solar panel produces its maximum power irrespective of whether other panels have shade.The ...

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