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20 Dec, 2020

Give yourself the Gift of Solar

Give yourself the gift of SOLAR this Summer! With the holidays just around the corner, enjoy our limited free smart energy control device with any new solar system installed by our team. For full t ...

13 Dec, 2020

Learn more About SolarEdge

We recommend SolarEdge for good reason. SolarEdge lets every panel produce its maximum power on multiple roof aspects. It generates up to 25% more power than other systems. Our team is proud to off ...

6 Dec, 2020

What's the Difference with Working with our Team?

So what’s the benefit of working with us over any other solar provider? For every new installation done by Solarpro, you get a high-tech solar system that gives you complete control over the en ...

29 Nov, 2020

Taking a Tailored Approach to Solar

When it comes to solar energy, you will need to hire the best professionals for the job to prevent you from paying excessive bills on power. With our team we will help you to get a wide range of opt ...

22 Nov, 2020

How does Solar Generate Electricity?

Would you like to know how solar works in generating electricity? An inverter is connected between the solar panels and your switchboard converts the DC current into AC current… All of these ...

15 Nov, 2020

Why Solar is a Good Investment

Generating power from solar is a good investment. It reduces your environmental footprint and saves you money every day. But how should you get started? With so many solar providers in the market ...

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