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6 Oct, 2021

How To Get Your Energy Bills Down To $0

Don’t wait to buy a solar storage battery. For most people, the only way to achieve a $0 electricity bill is with a solar storage battery. It does not make financial sense to wait to get a batt ...

8 Sep, 2021

How You Can Control Your Solar Energy from The Palm of Your Hand

Choosing solar can give you energy control from the palm of your hand. Install a SolarEdge system with an energy control device for precision control over how your solar power is used. Stay off the ...

5 Sep, 2021

Step Into The Future Now

Solar energy storage is the key to Australia’s Clean Energy Future. It’s needed for EV charging and opens up money making options for individuals through membership of Virtual Power Plants. So ...

29 Aug, 2021

Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Beautiful solar is here with the innovative Sollos embedded roof-top solar power system. Specifically designed for ‘new builds’ and roof renovations where solar panels can be integrated into the r ...

26 Aug, 2021

Solar Power as an Investment Opportunity

Take advantage of our ‘no deposit’ finance to get your rooftop solar array working as a smart investment. It’s simple, you have no financial outlay and let your electricity savings pay off your ...

13 Aug, 2021

How To Get The Best Deal On Heating Your Pool

We want to help you maximise the use of your pool. If you’re living in Sydney this means ensuring it’s heated. Solar pool heating is the most cost-effective way to heat your pool. Tra ...

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