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2 Aug, 2021

Get the Best Value From Your Solar Power System

Purchasing a ‘smart’ solar power and battery system is the key to getting the best value for money from your clean energy investment. Using as much of your own power as possible will give you the ...

18 Jul, 2021

Offering Advanced Solar Systems for our Clients

We install advanced solar systems that feature a smart energy control device. So, what does this entail? Utilising technology in the solar system, it lets you prioritise where your solar power is use ...

14 Jul, 2021

Installing Advanced Solar Systems for our customers

Solar power systems can be expensive but done properly with quality products they’ll last a lifetime. Do it once and do it well! It’s hard to get the information you need in one place. Simpl ...

27 Jun, 2021

Reduce your Bills AND your Carbon Footprint

Solar energy continues to grow in demand with greater awareness of environmental issues and high electricity prices. If you are concerned about rising energy costs, carbon emissions and the greenhous ...

13 Jun, 2021

Take control of your solar power

For new installations by Solarpro, you have the opportunity to apply a high-tech solar solution that gives you complete control over the energy you produce, using a smart energy control device. The ...

17 May, 2021

Solar My House

Solar My House - Rooftop Solar & Batteries - Thursday, 3 June,  6.30 p.m. Avalon Recreation Centre | Humanitix Solarpro’s Managing Director, David Veal is delighted to be the solar exper ...

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