Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I buy a solar battery now or should I wait?

    The quick answer is buy now. Although solar storage is an evolving technology this should not stop you purchasing. Solarpro stays on top of developments and the batteries we install are innovative and economically viable now. You can play the waiting game forever. The longer you wait the more money you are losing, particularly with the very high prices we are now paying for electricity. People who bought LG RESU batteries when they first came on the market are already ahead of the game financially. In Europe, the sonnenFlat community is so big that it now includes electric vehicle charging. These battery owners are now effectively their own large renewable energy power plant. Their solar power can also be sold to people who can’t have a solar system e.g. because they rent or live in a unit. Imagine that happening in Australia. It potentially could. In South Australia it is already in early development stages. The more people in NSW who join sonnenFlat the greater the likelihood of it happening here.

  • Will a solar battery stop a blackout when the grid goes down?

    It is often assumed that when a battery is installed with a solar system that the battery will keep supplying energy to the home if the grid shuts down. This is not always correct. In fact, most systems will leave you in the dark. In a grid fed solar system the inverter must shut down if the grid shuts down. This is a safety precaution because your solar system is an energy generator and could electrocute any linesmen that may be rectifying the power outage down the line somewhere.

  • How do I charge a solar battery in a black out?

    The grid is aging and is increasingly a less stable source of energy. We don’t know what the future holds but if you are installing a home battery it seems pointless to install it without a back-up function. If you install a system with a back-up circuit you would probably also want it to charge from the solar panels. AC coupled batteries will not charge from the solar panels if the grid is out. That’s because the solar inverter will shut down to protect the linesmen. On the other hand, the SolarEdge system with back-up connected not only charges the battery if the grid is down it also lets you use the energy the solar panels produce to power the backed-up circuit.

  • How does the Solartherm pool heat pump work?

    ● Booster pump recirculates pool water to the panels
    ● Panels absorb heat from the sun and return heated water to the pool
    ● The pump has a specially designed Solar Controller to keep desired pool temperature and protect the panels
    ● Panels must be filled with water at all times

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