Australian Designed Solar Pool Heating

Two great Australian designs to heat your pool without high cost to you or the environment.  Use a solar PV system to run an environmentally friendly pool heat pump whenever you want; or install enclosed solar pool heating panels.  Either way we can design a cost effective system to suit your needs and budget:

Solar Run Pool Heat Pump

We can set you up with a Solar Pool Heat Pump that you can run free from the sun using your solar power system.  Purchase it all in one go, or get the pool heat pump first and add the solar array later. Resort style swimming free! You could use your solar power to run your pool heat pump when required and your air conditioner on other occasions.

Solartherm Enclosed Solar Pool Heating Panels

If you prefer to keep your solar power for other needs, then we can install an innovative Australian solar pool heating system and leave 40% more roof space for your other solar needs.  Designed so your pool is warm early in the season and stays that way heading into winter. The solar collectors are enclosed in a compact panel which protects them from heat loss from wind and makes them highly energy efficient.  They are also protected from cockatoos.  With the correctly sized system and used with a pool blanket our customers are more than doubling their swim time.