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How To Get Your Energy Bills Down To $0


Don’t wait to buy a solar storage battery. For most people, the only way to achieve a $0 electricity bill is with a solar storage battery. It does not make financial sense to wait to get a battery. If the budget doesn’t stretch to get one now, in many cases you will still be better off financially if you take out a no deposit green loan to buy a battery! Once you start storing solar power you become like an individual power plant and open up opportunities to join Virtual Power Plants, with lucrative payments for your excess solar power. Of course, you also enjoy 24-hour ‘sun power’ by using your own solar-generated electricity at night to run your appliances, charge your EV and keep the lights on during power outages if you have battery back-up. We have the largest range of solar storage batteries in Sydney. Let us crunch the numbers and show you how you can get the best value for money for your circumstances. Move towards $0 power bills now! To talk to one of our solar specialists about installing a solar power and battery system in your home, book a 20-minute no-obligation consultation with us by filling out our online form ~
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