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Roof Integrated Solar Panels


Beautiful solar is here with the innovative Sollos embedded roof-top solar power system. Specifically designed for ‘new builds’ and roof renovations where solar panels can be integrated into the roof at the building stage, they can also be retrofitted. Whether you’re a home renovator, architect or builder this is a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof-top solar arrays. It is a similar price to a standard solar power system and the solar panels can be optimised for maximum power generation using a SolarEdge inverter. If you have a slate or old tiled roof, this product may be particularly appealing as it gives you the option to strip off tiles that might not support solar panels well and replace them with the Sollos panels. Plus adding features such as roof windows are also an option as the embedded rooftop design represents a new generation of affordable solar options. These solar panels are high performance and the look is sleek! The panels were developed at Cambridge University and while new to Australia they have been widely used throughout the UK and Europe for seven years. Solarpro has begun installations on the North Shore. To discuss how this product could enhance your quality home, book a consultation with us by filling out our online form ~
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