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Get the Best Value From Your Solar Power System


Purchasing a ‘smart’ solar power and battery system is the key to getting the best value for money from your clean energy investment. Using as much of your own power as possible will give you the quickest and best return on investment. Solarpro specialises in optimised solar inverters which manage shade and generate up to 25% more power than other systems. Add an appliance control device and you decide how and when your solar power is used to maximise your savings. With an intelligent optimised solar storage battery, you open possibilities to earn cash for any excess solar power by joining a virtual power plant. There are other clever ways to store and use solar energy, including diverting it to your hot water tank or a solar storage room heater to get free heat for your home. Let us show you what the latest in solar power systems can do for you, book a consultation with us by filling out our online form ~
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