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If reducing your heating costs this Winter is important to you, the ‘Heatwave’ solar storage heating system could be the answer. You can divert excess power generated by your roof top solar array to the solar room heater, slashing your heating bill and getting the best value for money from your solar power.

How Solar Storage Heating Works

Instead of exporting excess solar power to the electricity grid or storing it in a battery it can be stored in the ‘Heatwave’ thermal storage unit and used to heat your home. It is cost-effective and you will not be left short of power because when it is not using free solar energy it uses off-peak grid electricity to top up its reserves.

Advanced digital controls are used to manage the production, storage and distribution of heat into the home 24 hours a day. ‘Heatwave’ operates on a program to distribute heat in a precise way at set hours. The unit uses a silent fan to discharge the heat as required.  When it is not needed the heat is retained inside the unit.  Easily regulated and versatile, the units can be used in homes or offices.

Get the Best Value for Money from Your Solar Power

Solar power is generated during day light hours. Electricity is often needed after the sun is down and it can be on an expensive rate from the grid.  The key to getting the most from your roof top solar array is to find ways to store and use the power when you want it, irrespective of whether there is daylight.

Solar storage batteries can be expensive.  There are alternative methods to store solar power which can be used in conjunction with a solar battery or on their own.  The ‘Heatwave’ thermal storage system is one example, another is to divert solar power to heat your hot water.

With ‘smart’ solar you really can use your power day or night, slash your electricity bill and even earn cash from excess solar power if you join a Virtual Power Plant.

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