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Are you losing money by not having a solar storage battery?

Check how much excess solar power you export to the grid and how much you are paid. Then check how much you pay for electricity from the grid when the sun is down.

A solar storage battery lets you use all your own power and if there is still excess then send it to the grid or you can join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and generally get paid substantially more than by electricity companies.

You don’t have to fork out a lot of money up front for a quality solar storage battery, you can buy a quality Australian designed battery for around half the price.

Redback Smart Hybrid batteries are modular. You can start small at just under 5kWh and grow to just under 30kWh depending on the phase you choose. You make the decision on expansion when your budget permits and your power output warrants it.

We have a range of batteries including the Tesla Powerwall 2 and solar panels to suit your budget. We can also help you join a VPP.

Give us a call or drop into our Allambie Heights based Showroom. Our solar specialists are experts on solar power and battery systems. They will talk you through all your options.

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