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Generate 25% more solar power

SolarEdge optimised solar systems generate up to 25% more power than string inverters. This is because each solar panel produces its maximum power irrespective of whether other panels have shade.

The photo is a perfect example of the advantage with a SolarEdge inverter. If the solar panels were not all operating independently the shaded ones on the left would not only have dropped their own power output but would have lowered the output of the whole system.

Even if you don’t have trees it is worth considering a SolarEdge optimised system. Shade comes in many forms. It can be from clouds or dirt. Also, all solar panels are slightly different, even if they come in the same batch. SolarEdge manages voltage and panel miss-match issues.

It is worth investing in a SolarEdge inverter. You get a better quality system, you are able to monitor your panel performance and often your return on investment is better. Give us a call, download our ebook or pop into our Allambie Heights Showroom.

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